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A dandelion is a flower. A dandelion flower head consists of many tiny flowers. The dandelion is native to Europe, and has spread to many other places.  In northern areas and places where the dandelion is not native, it reproduces asexually. The name dandelion is derived from the Old French, dent-de-lion, which is literally “lion’s tooth”, referring to the sharply-lobed leaves of the plant. The English spelling reflects the French pronunciation at the time this French word was absorbed into English. 

The flower matures into a globe of fine filaments that are usually distributed by wind, carrying away the seed-containing achenes. This globe is called the “clock”, and blowing it apart is a popular activity for children worldwide.

I love dandelions. I identify with them; they pop up where they’re least wanted, their lovely faces ignored. The sharp blades of their leaves tear at the hands, and they propagate whether tended or not. For better or worse, those are all properties I would assign to myself, and so I would prefer a bouquet of dandelions over a dozen long-stemmed roses any day.


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